Queso FUN DID I !

Astrid, my niece, and I have a similar taste. Salt, pepper, onion, butter and CHEESE! They revel at the top of our lists of goodness. Over some Happy Hour margaritas the other evening we discussed one of our favorite subjects at length, you got it, cheese. Not like fancy french cheese, although we like that too, we dissected the glory of queso fundido as the Mexican joint we were at didn’t have it and we were missing it dearly. It was at this point that we decided that we needed to make a catalog of the best places to get our dear QF, for starters in New York as that’s where we are. ┬áSee QF comes in many forms…the fondue like version that’s a mix of cheeses and never really hardens too much, the straight up chihuahua shit storm that comes to you a gooey, salty mess then hardens a bit and is snappy and wonderful…sometimes there are toppings like chorizo or peppers or shrooms and then there is the ball park deal that just sucks, well not always…more on that later. Hot cheese is the BEST, so we are calling our adventure “queso fun did i” as it is so fun to eat and so fun to talk about! Weird? Maybe, but here comes our blog on the subject…join in, comment, eat with us, life is short its time for some queso fun did i.

Cheers, or should I say CHEESE!


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